The STAG brand is owned by AC SA.

AC SA has over 30 years of experience in the autogas installation segment. It is Poland’s largest and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gas installations for engines fuelled by petrol and diesel oil.

AC SA enjoys more than 50% share of the domestic market. It is estimated that over 1 million cars in Poland are fitted with sequential STAG systems, and over 5 million in the world. STAG brand products are present in over 50 countries worldwide, on 6 continents. The experience and constant development of the offer invariably places the Company in the position of a leader and pioneer in the field of autogas systems. Over 700 employees make AC also one of the biggest employers in the north-eastern region of Poland.

At present, AC SA cooperates with 12 reliable autogas distributors who offer proven quality and reliability under the STAG brand name. The distribution network is composed of only the best companies on the Polish market – that is why the recipients always get the best products on time.

AC SA also produces high quality electronics and electrical harnesses for the automotive and household appliances, including towbar kits and electrical harnesses for electric cars for the Western European market. A separate branch of the company’s activity is photovoltaic installations and battery management systems. More information about AC SA and the STAG brand is available on the AC SA website.

Autoryzowane Serwisy STAG