LED 300/401B

An analog, six-wire petrol/gas switch, which performs a number of functions, from the selection and optical/acoustic signaling of the operating mode to the indication of gas level in vehicles which have systems for fuelling the engine with alternative fuels, i.e. autogas.

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One of the advantages of the switch is its attractive design and the arrangement of decorative elements which are formed as illuminated channels. Additionally, the center button can be installed at different positions, at 90O intervals, in a way that allows the position of the logo to be changed according to the horizontal or vertical installation of the switch.

Basic features and advantages of LED300/401B:
1. A built-in photoresistor allowing the automatic adjustment of the backlighting level, depending on ambient light.
2. Two-color illumination of the button with the logo which indicates low fuel level and operating modes.
3. Integrated buzzer.