LED 500

The main element available for driver’s communication with the autogas controller is the Petrol/Gas (P/G) switch.


  • cooperates with and supports the PLUS Q-generation controllers and DPI or DIESEL controllers, i.e. QBOX PLUS, NEXT PLUS, QMAX PLUS, STAG-400 DPI, STAG-DIESEL,
  • based on the capacitive button technology (not used in such devices before),
  • elimination of the requirement for mechanical cooperation between individual button components with the use of a touch panel,
  • small symmetrical design to match the button to various types of instrument panels.


  • Selection of the fuel type and mode of operation by touching the capacitive button on the switch.
  • Built-in buzzer to signal fuel switching or system error.
  • Backlighting of the front logo panel to signal the operating mode.
  • Gas level indicator – indication of the current gas level in the LPG/CNG tank (four green LEDs to inform about the level of gas in the tank
  • and a red LED to indicate low level).
  • Built-in automatic adjustment of display and backlight intensity depending on external light.
  • Option of manual adjustment of the intensity of indication and backlight.
  • Option of buzzer sound level.
  • Emergency startup on gas.
  • A warning LED (check) to inform about a failure or incorrect system operation, which can serve informative functions as well (pulsing according to the sound emitted by the buzzer).
  • Possibility of expansion of switch functionalities by adding program functions to meet current market needs related to operation.