STAG 400 DPI is a high-tech sequential fuel gas injection ECU module for selected vehicle models with direct fuel injection.

Application features


  •  OBD auto-adaptation, supports one and two-bank systems
  •  Extensive self-diagnostic system
  •  Integrated petrol pressure emulator
  •  Dedicated petrol injector emulators:
    • SE-Q (Audi engine code: CALB)
    • ISE-D4 (Toyota engine code: D4)
    • ISE-VK (Nissan / Infiniti engine code: VK)
  •  3D graphic map
  •  Supports additional petrol injection
  •  ECU module correction reading
  •  Oscilloscope-based performance parameter overview
  •  Easy and clear calibration software
  •  Supports OBDII/EOBD connectivity
  •  Straight connection port: 90 pin
  •  Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  •  Supports parameter recorders
  •  Supports StagMobile apps
Features Benefits
One for all Easy and quick conversion of direct fuel injection engines
Precise fuel gas dosing Across the whole RPM range at minimum petrol consumption
Key engine operating parameters retained Runs as if on petrol