The STAG AC W031 STD injector is designed for LPG and CNG injection in any vehicle engine, including turbocharged ones. AC W031 STD ensures excellent operating parameters, possibility of installation directly at the intake manifold and unification with other AC S.A. products.

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Application features

    • available in the system of connections with Ø12 tees,
    • possible section combinations with the use of adequate splitters,
    • fast and easy mounting directly at the intake manifold,
    • modern and fine-tuned design to guarantee excellent performance,
    • high durability,
    • innovative heat dissipation system with coil housing in a radiator style


Features    Benefits
Single injector section design Wide variety of installation configuration and settings
Heatsink-encased coil Excellent heat removal from the gas injector coil
Simple and lightweight casing Stable performance in varying ambient conditions, including temperature and pressure
Can be installed on any side of the PS-04 gas temp, vacuum and pressure sensor
  • Low response inertia to fuel gas temperature variations
  • 360-rotatable, even when installed in the injector