STAG GoFast is an all-round ECU module intended for most automotive vehicles (with sequential and semi-sequential injection and full-group injection). It has been developed to simplify the autogas fuel system installation as much as possible and reduce the overall installation and calibration time.


Application features

  •  Easy calibration: all functions are shown on two panels only; no need to switch between window tabs
  •  Built-in Standard and Expert modes. The Standard mode features the minimum of essential configuration tuning functions. Just one click of a button switches to the Expert mode with extensive ECU module features
  •  The ECU module resumes data transmission automatically when disconnected from the PC data cable
  •  Firmware with functionality upgradeability
  •  Demo mode without an ECU module connected
  •  Straight connection port: 32 pin
  •  Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  •  Supports parameter recorders
Few connectionsEasy installation with maximum functionality
Short installation timeMinimized wiring
Compact sizeEasier installation
One-window softwareEasier ECU module programming