The latest premium-quality autogas ECU modules for 4-cylinder multi-point port injection engines. The autogas ECU module housing comes in two installation options: with an angled connection (in STAG QBOX PLUS) and a straight connection (in STAG QNEXT PLUS). This lets an installer place it in a most convenient way inside of the engine compartment.


Application features

  • OBD auto-adaptation
  • Proprietary ISA3 auto-adaptation
  • Supports CAN and K-LINE with OBD2/EOBD compliance
  • OBD tool with automatic DTC deletion
  • Fuel source overlap during supply switchover
  • FLE-JC fuel level emulator (for Japanese makes)
  • FLE-FC fuel level emulator (for French makes)
  • Elbow connection port (QBOX PLUS) or straight connection port (QNEXT PLUS): 48 pin
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • Supports parameter recorders
  • Supports mobile apps
STAG Q-Generation  is a line of modern STAG autogas ECU (engine control units) modules (QBOX, QNEXT, and QMAX) developed by the most experienced engineers working for STAG.

Features   Benefits  
Onboard data access (OBD) Auto-adaptation can be enabled
Onboard data access (OBD) No external OBD tool required
Compatible with mobile apps ECU module performance overview on a smartphone
STABLE PERFORMANCE Stable performance in all operating conditions
Dedicated for automotive An automotive-only ECU processor design