STAG-300 QMAX BASIC is a budget-level Q-Generation ECU. It has been developed specifically for 1 to 8-cylinder engines with port fuel injection. Like other Q-generation ECU modules, high-tech application and performance solutions are standard, plus an entry-level package of integrated fuel-efficiency functionalities..

STAG Q-Generation is a line of modern STAG autogas ECU (engine control units) modules (QBOX, QNEXT, and QMAX) developed by the most experienced engineers working for STAG.

Application features

  • Max cylinder no.: 8
  • Proprietary ISA3 auto-adaptation
  • Straight connection port: 56 pin
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • Supports parameter recorders
  • Supports StagMobile and GasComputer apps
    Features  Benefits  
    ISA3 auto-adaptationNext-gen auto-adaptation capability
    Compatible with the STAG-300 connection portBackward compatibility with legacy STAG-300 ISA2 6 and 8 ECU module wiring harness: plug & play interchangeability
    Supports StagMobile and GasComputer appsECU module performance overview on a smartphone