The AC R02 single-stage reducer is designed for car sequential injection systems. The device is used to reduce the pressure of liquid LPG flowing from the tank and turn it into a gas phase (vaporisation).

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Thermal insulation system
Reducer features include compact size and unique design comprising two aluminium castings and a cover made in the ACtherm system preventing gas cooling, thus, providing excellent thermal insulation. Due to its unique design, the AC R02 heats up very quickly, so switching to gas is also performed quickly. Therefore, no additional work of the controller, such as temperature correction, is required. Its high thermal efficiency and resistance to LPG contamination makes the reducer the best option when selecting autogas system components.

Pressure stabilizing system
The AC R02 reducer is equipped with the unique ACPress system that provides constant pressure  supplying injector rails in various road conditions. It should be also noted that stability is guaranteed regardless of inlet pressure at the gas cylinder.

Universal mounting system
It is quite new that the unit is fixed with a single, centrally located bolt only, enabling the reducer to be installed practically in any position. Reducer versatility is complemented with the  TriACflex elbow connector system that can be configured in any arrangement.
An elbow arrangement may be shown here with a caption: straight pipe connector, 90 and 60 degree elbows.


• small dimensions,
• compact design,
• excellent thermal efficiency,
• stable adjustments,
• resistance to LPG contamination,
• stable feeding independent of gas cylinder inlet pressure,
• low pressure drops at high loads,
• mounting with a single, centrally located bolt,
• elbow connector system.