STAG R14 is dedicated for vehicles equipped with the CNG (so-called methane) sequential injection systems.

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Constant pressure of body components regardless of reducer working temperature and ambient temperature.

The reducer is made of two aluminium castings joined together with bolts and disk springs, thus providing a compact design and constant pressure of both body parts.

Exceptional tightness.

By using disk springs to join the casing body, the reducer tightness has been significantly improved.

High-strength diaphragms

The use of superior materials provides high resistance to extreme conditions inside the reducer (mechanical and thermal loads).

Two-stage control

Due to the two-stage control system used in the reducer, the dependence of outlet pressure on the level in the tank is reduced to a minimum. In the first chamber, the pressure is reduced to a safe level with a lever loaded valve, and then in the low pressure chamber the pressure is adjusted smoothly with a stem valve between 1.6 and 2.4 bar.

Integrated solenoid valve.

Being placed  between the reducer chambers ensures very low pressure drops at high loads and allows gas supply to be quickly cut off in an emergency.

360o fixture – central fitting

The dedicated mounting bracket allows the reducer to be mounted securely in any angular position (within 360°) by using just one screw This is a great advantage in more and more “tight” engine compartments.


The high pressure of CNG  at the reducer inlet is significantly reduced  with a lever loaded valve, thus providing a high level of safety.