STAG Diesel is an alternative fuel system for Diesel engines which feature 2 to 16 cylinders. The whole fuel gas system is based on technical solutions for supplying fuel with air, which are mixed in the cylinders with Diesel fuel. STAG Diesel supports switching to the Diesel fuel supply, since the solution does not modify the engine internals.

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Application features

  •  Supports Diesel engines with up to 8 cylinders in the sequential mode
  •  Supports Diesel engines with up to 16 cylinders in the non-sequential mode
  •  Supports additional LPG&CNG injection
  •  Advanced sequential fuel gas injection algorithm
  •  Accurate gas dosing based on current engine fuel demand
  •  Exhaust gas temperature monitoring for engine safety
  •  Supports broadband O2 sensor reading: the fuel mix is monitored with an independent broadband O2 sensor, dedicated for Diesel engines (optionally available for Diesel engines without O2 sensors)
  •  Supports cruise-control enabled vehicles
  •  Full common rail engine output retained after the conversion
  •  Auto-calibration system
Fetures Benefits
Innovative Boost the ecology and efficiency of Diesel engine performance
Supports O2, knock and temp sensors Engine-safe
One for all Supports all Diesel engine types
Increased engine output Improved Diesel fuel combustion with LPG
Increased Diesel fuel combustion efficiency The LPG injection promotes better combustion of Diesel fuel