The reducer is designed for Autogas vapor phase sequential injection systems. The reducer vaporizes the liquid petroleum gas supplied to the cylinders. The STAG R01 reducer ensures continuous stable pressure while supplying the precise fuel dosage to the gas injectors.

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The reducer can be easily fitted in all cars with engines of up to 150 HP (black) or up to 250 HP (red), particularly turbocharged.

The high efficiency and thermal stability of the STAG R01 reducer ensure:

  • stable pressure and precise fuel dosage under sudden acceleration and engine load increase,
  • correct gas temperature regardless of driving conditions,
  • correct vaporization of gas, even in uncommonly low ambient temperatures.

LPG systems equipped with the STAG R01 reducer work perfectly with the vehicle power transmission system, ensuring trouble-free operation for years.
The reducer works perfectly regardless of LPG parameters, driving style or vehicle load.
The modified version of the STAG R01 includes enhanced internal components for the adjustment of exit pressure, which has improved the operational stability of the unit.

The stable working pressure of the STAG R01 enables:

  • very smooth and dynamic driving with optimized fuel consumption,
  • steady engine operation,
  • safe and comfortable driving.

The reducer quickly responds to sudden load changes. It provides the correct fuel dosing even at temporary high demand and prevents an excessive pressure rise and engine stuttering at the same time.

Benefits of STAG R01 reducers:

  • stable pressure,
  • works excellently with turbocharged engines,
  • tested in all conditions,
  • gas inlet elbow connection Ø12,
  • increased durability,
  • modern construction solutions,
  • small size to allow easier installation in tight engine sections,
  • rotating connections,
  • stable working parameters.

Design of STAG R01 reducers
With the use of unique design solutions, the single-stage, diaphragm-type STAG R01 with a heat exchange (water/gas), combines the benefits of two types of reducers:

  • single-stage: fast and efficient management of sudden temporary increase in the load,
  • two-stage: no risk of excessive pressure.

The unique design of the STAG R01 ensures sufficient performance in both low and high pressure gas inflow. Therefore, the unit is more resistant to pressure drops resulting from a reduced LPG level in the cylinder and fuel impurities than other marketed products.

The use of an innovative heat exchange system in the STAG R01 reducer, significantly minimizes the release of LPG impurities which cause “reducer plugging”.
In this respect, the STAG R01 is much better and more reliable than other competitive solutions.

Materials used for construction and technical specification

The STAG R01 reducer is made of aluminum alloy processed under strict chemical control and the manufacturing technology ensures:

  • tight casting up to 70 bar,
  • uniform formulation of casting to ensure high durability and resistance to mechanical damage